Cassini will be ‘retired’ today

This is a photograph taken by NASA’s satellite Cassini, while it was in orbit around Saturn, 1,200,000,000 km away from Earth.

You can clearly see the rings of Saturn. And there, way back there in the background, 1.2 billion km away, as a small blue dot, highlighted by that arrow, is our planet Earth. Your whole life, and mine, and every person whom you’ve ever met, or heard of, or read about, has lived on that little blue dot.

“This is the creation of Allah! So show me – what have those besides Him created?” [Luqman: 11]

“Truly, the creation of the heavens and earth is a bigger (miracle) than the creation of people, but most of mankind doesn’t understand” [Ghafir: 57].

“He it is who has created the seven heavens in layers. You do not see any flaw in the creation of al-Rahman! Look again – do you see any mistake? And continue looking, again and again…your eyes will become tired, after it has humbled itself (and not found a flaw). And truly, We have beautified the lower skies with its ornaments (i.e., planets and stars)…” [al-Mulk: 3-6].

PS. Cassini will be ‘retired’ today, and crashed into the planet Saturn. It was launched from Earth back in 1997, and reached Saturn seven years later, in 2004.

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