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TIF, granted plots of land.

The chairman of the Islamic Foundation (TIF), while on his visit to the regions of southern Tanzania, was granted plots of land as a waqf for the construction of mosques, schools and other social services.

In this visit where he was accompanied by the director of TIF, Mwanza, Sheikh Abdu Abeid, the chairman had already been to Lindi, Ruvuma and Mtwara followed by his visit to Njombe, Mbeya, Rukwa and Katavi.

The chairman who gave this update while still in Katavi said that the Muslims in the various areas he had visited were willing to give TIF land for the construction of either mosques or schools. Responding to this proposal, he gave them hope that TIF will keep working together with them in this respect.

“Indeed, the land we have been granted is so vast that we would like to ask the Muslims to try putting it into use before asking for assistance from TIF or other organizations to assist them to whatever extent they can,” said the chairman.

The TIF project director, Sheikh Omar Mohamed, also gave his commentary on the visit by saying that their journey started from Lindi then to Mtwara followed by Ruvuma, where they were able to visit the districts of Songea, Tunduru, Namtumbo and Mbinga. He said that they had gone to analyse the working of the TIF projects and speak to the Muslims of the area, who they were very eager to meet. ”While we were in Lindi, we got a chance to meet the Muslims of Mchinga district and discuss with them, urging them to maintain their unity and sort out their differences.” Said Sheikh Omar.

“We were able to visit places which had a scarcity of mosques and lack of clean and safe water, and were able to find a solution to some of the problems,” said Sheikh Omar.

On their visit to Mtwara, the chairman and those accompanying him got a chance to speak to the Muslims and then visited a secondary school where the students asked the TIF management to assist them so that they are able to obtain a mosque where they can perform their prayers. The chairman urged them to find an area and organize themselves to start the process of construction, then TIF would see through those efforts with whatever they can.

In Njombe region, the team met Muslims who asked that an area for a mosque construction be purchased for them, whereby the chairman advised them to organize themselves and work together to start the process, then TIF would work together with them.

While in Mbeya, they met some of the leaders of different Islamic organizations in the region and the chairman talked about advocating for love, unity and cooperation among them, so as to protect the country´s peace.

He explained that in a duration of ten years, TIF has been dealing with providing social services including the construction of more than a thousand mosques of different sizes depending on the number of believers in the specific areas. More than two thousand wells have also been dug throughout the country.

Other achievements of TIF as explained by the chairman, are the broadcasting media, including Radio Imaan, Tv Imaan and the Imaan Newspaper, together with primary and secondary schools and various orphanages.

TIF also organises da´wah conferences, including the East African conference popularly known as ´Misk Ya Roho’ together with international conferences such as  Inspired By The beloved, where international speakers are invited.

The chairman also mentioned that TIF sends pilgrims and receives donations for the sacrificial meat and the food given to the Muslims every Ramadhan, as part of the activities of TIF.

“TIF asks for your cooperation and opinions since we as human beings are not perfect, we make mistakes but we are thankful to Allah (swt), that when you give your opinions, we try to adhere,” insisted the chairman.

Last year the chairman visited the regions of central and northern Tanzania, including Dodoma, Singida, Shinyanga, Mwanza, Geita and Kagera where he visited various projects and spoke to the Muslims of those regions before he attended the Wana Sunnah Afrika Mashariki conference in Muleba.

Such visits enable the TIF management to check the work that is conducted by TIF in the areas they visit and to analyze the condition of the Muslims in towns and villages so as to figure out ways of helping Muslims overcome the challenges they face.

Rukwa and Katavi

The chairman’s visit proceeded to Rukwa and Katavi regions. In Rukwa, the chairman met and talked to the sheikh of the region, Rashid Akilimali. He also visited the Muslims of the area around the regional mosque that is still under construction. The Chairman also visited Masjid Sunna. In both mosques the chairman and those accompanying him spoke with the leaders and Muslims of the region, thus exchanging ideas.

And in Katavi, the chairman visited the house of the regional sheikh, Sheikh Ally Hussein, who was sick, in order to console him and pray for him. He also visited TIF masjids and other projects in the region.

The chairman, in these two regions, continued to advocate for unity and cooperation among Muslims. The chairman is expected to end his visit in Kigoma.

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