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Muntada Aid UK vsited TIF

The administration of the international Humanitarian aid, Muntada Aid has visited The Islamic Foundation headquaters in Morogoro as well as various part of the Organization.

(Right to Left) Kabir Miah (Little Heart Project Manager), Hamid Azad (CEO Muntada Aid), Aref Nahdi (TIF Chairman), Sheikh Ibrahim Twaha (TIF Managing Director

On this friendship and partnership visit between Muntada Aid and TIF,  The delegation was received by their host, Aref Nahdi (Chairman of TIF).

The delegation was Chief Executive Officer of Muntada AId Sheikh Hamid Azad, who was accompanied by the Little Heart Project Manager for young Children known as Little Hearts, Brother Kabir Miah

Speaking at the TIF Headquaters Office, Sheikh Hamid said he was very pleased to visit the TIF headquarters and that he hoped that the partnership intended to be built between Muntada Aid and TIF would bring tremendous success to the Community Services.

“We hope to work with TIF in the future and we believe there will be great productivity in collaboration between TIF and Muntada Aid in serving the people” 

And the Little Heart Project Manager, Kabir Miah said that the project was officially recognized by the UK parliament in 2012 and until now doctors from Muntad Aid have performed heart Operations for 1,700 children all over the world

“We have performed Operation three times in Tanzania and our current goal is to provide 82 children’s heart treatment service and have over 260 children in Tanzania and we will be coming again in Tanzania until they say its enough” 

Commenting on the service of Muntada Aid, Sheikh Hamid mentioned that they are involved in Education service, health care, clean water, sanitation, emergency service for victims of various natural disasters and also building capacity for internally active professionals.

Sheikh Hamid further explained that they do not only give heart treatment to children and leave, but rather, on top of the service, Muntada Aid gives training to the cardiologists in the respective countries, so that they use those skills in treating patients.

In their visit a total of 82 surgeries have been done in the Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete Cardiac Institute, in Muhimbili Hospital with assistance from Dhi Nureyn Islamic Foundation

According to Sheikh Hamid, a single operation done with specialized equipments without opening the chest would have costed $10,000 – $15,000 therefore going through this journey, treating 82 patients has saved one milion and two hundred thousand US dollars, which is equal to an amount of 2.64 Billion Tanzanian shillings.

“The amount saved can be used by the Tanzanian government to improve the health sector and benefit more Tanzanians. Muntada Aid is pleased to be a stakeholder in helping the Tanzanian government in their Little Heart project”

At just 11 months old Glory is being assessed today for her life saving heart operation, by our volunteer medical team in Tanzania. Each year thousands of children are born with congenital heart disease. Through Muntada Aid Little Hearts Project, we have saved thousands of little hearts.

He went further to explain that their long term goal is to give Tanzanian doctors skills and to reduce the problem of lack of specialists so that developing countries can be self-sufficient in the health sector.

Muntada Aid’s motto is “Serving humanity to build a better and peaceful world”

The chairman of The Islamic Foundation, Aref Nahdi thanked the Muntada Aid for their visit to TIF, and that the Muntada Aid Administration had communicated with him on their plan to visit TIF and he made preparations to facilitate their visit.

He thanked the Muntada Aid for the great things they do in Tanzania, and that TIF is pleased with their services. The Chairman promised the Muntada Aid that they won’t regret cooperating with TIF in their activities and that their cooperation will be that of great honesty and they will be pleased with it.

Before leaving Morogoro, the Muntada Aid administration also visited schools, including Forest Hill Secondary school and Imaan English Medium Pre & Primary Schools owned by TIF, together with visiting an orphanage.

Other TIF executives who accompanied the Muntada Aid delegates included the executive director of TIF, Sheikh Ibrahim Twaha Ibrahim, The secretary general of TIF, Sheikh Muhammad Issa, The director of the Da’wah department, Sheikh Ismail R. Kundya, the director of the department of Planning and Finance, Mussa Buluki and the director of projects, Sheikh Umar Mohamed and other executives from TV and Radio Imaan.

The delegates from Muntada Aid left Morogoro to Dar es salaam on Saturday to continue with their activities, leaving great hopes on the cooperation of these two organizations in providing social services for the benefit of all Tanzanians.

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