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Maasai village accepts Islam with IERA team in Tanzania

We are back in Africa and Tanzania!!

The team spent a day travelling to the Maasai people in Tanzania. They travelled to northern Tanzania, near Arusha, to share the message of Islam with the famous Maasai people. Having driven for five hours from the Kilimanjaro airport, the team arrived in this very remote region and came across wildebeests, zebras, antelopes and even ostriches on the way. The team spent some time with the Maasai villagers and nearly a hundred people accepted Islam.

They believed Islam is very close to their traditions and is the best faith for them. The chief as well as his followers also accepted the faith. They asked us to teach them and help them overcome their medical issues. They told us 52 women had died during childbirth within the last year alone. The Massai warriors presented the team with local gifts and also demonstrated their famous celebratory dance. May Allah reward the Islamic Foundation in Tanzania for making this trip possible and please support this noble organisation for more of such missions into Africa and beyond.

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