Muntada Aid UK vsited TIF

The administration of the international Humanitarian aid, Muntada Aid has visited The Islamic Foundation headquaters in Morogoro as well as various part of the Organization. On this friendship and partnership visit between Muntada Aid and TIF,  The delegation was received by their host, Aref Nahdi (Chairman of TIF). The delegation was Chief Executive Officer of Muntada AId Sheikh Hamid Azad, who was accompanied ...

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Muntada Aid visits Tanzania

Muntada Aid has visiting Tanzania for the 3rd time to complete their Little Hearts Project. Already they have saved the lives of 187 children in Tanzania through are award-winning Project there, and now they are in Tanzania with more little hearts will be repaired. Muntada Aid is a global humanitarian charity which operates in some of the world’s most vulnerable places, ...

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Cassini will be ‘retired’ today

This is a photograph taken by NASA’s satellite Cassini, while it was in orbit around Saturn, 1,200,000,000 km away from Earth. You can clearly see the rings of Saturn. And there, way back there in the background, 1.2 billion km away, as a small blue dot, highlighted by that arrow, is our planet Earth. Your whole life, and mine, and ...

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